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Ultimate Absolute 2018

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Ultimate Absolute 2018

Blue Corner in association with UNGD.tv presents a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling Tournament Round Robin Challenge for Kids and Adults "Ultimate Absolute 2018" from Kansas City.  After the kids portion finishes, there will be a very unique opportunity for the adult competitors... only Absolute (Open Weight) Divisions will be held, round robin format, with each winner to receive a cash prize and/or championship belt.  Professional, paid Adult Divisions!  Then, at 7pm there will be a Professional Show with some of the area's and even the world's best grapplers and black belts showcased in a Super-Fight Card.  Watch your coach or favorite athlete compete on a big stage under the lights!  The Pro Show will be streamed LIVE on PPV worldwide with commentary right here on UNGD.tv   

Black Belts
MAIN EVENT: Luis Felipe Ninja Pinto, Brazil Academy vs. Renato Tavares, Legacy RT 154lbs gi 
CO-MAIN EVENT: Ezra Lenon, Cavalo BJJ vs.Carlos Dallis, KCBJJ 195lbs gi 
John Hansen, Axios Academy JJ vs. Alex Huddleston, Easton Castle Rock hvy nogi
Al Mildren, CSC vs. Josh Littleton, KCBJJ 170lbs gi 
Cody Criqui, Criqui BJJ vs. Todd Ryan, Ryan BJJ 185lbs gi
Brad Jepsen, CSC vs. Derek Ruffin, Brazil Academy hvy gi

Brown Belts 
Josh Neer, Elite Edge MMA Ankeny vs. Devin Chasten, El Pirata 195lbs nogi
Jams Partridge, Triton Fight Center vs. Derek Alumbaugh, Easton Castle Rock 145lbs nogi
Cody Carrilo, Fox Fitness BJJ vs. David Lopez, Mat Club Jiu Jitsu 165lbs gi
Morgan Bracken, Criqui BJJ vs. David Littlewood, Bodyfit 175lbs gi
Shawn Cusolito, Criqui BJJ vs. Matthew Lowe, Fox Fitness BJJ 190lbs gi
Hunter Colvin, Triton Fight Center vs. Vikenty Mikheev, CSC 180lbs nogi 

Purple Belts
Josh Nelson, Axios Academy JJ vs. Taylor Kettler, KCBJJ 240lbs gi
B'Aylana Morgan, Fox Fitness BJJ vs. Ashley Bilak, KCBJJ 150lbs gi 
Abel Frederic Jr., Criqui BJJ vs. Brandon Cox, Easton Castle Rock 205 lbs gi
Marc Diebold, Gracie Humaita Lake Ozarks vs. Steven Graham, KCBJJ 150lbs nogi
Jordan Peitzman, No Coast BJJ vs. Justin Fabac, KCBJJ 170lbs nogi 

Trevor Cameron, Brazil Academy vs. Frankie Hoggard, Easton Castle Rock 170lbs gi
Billie Merreighn, Bloomington Team 1 vs. Paulie Hernandez, NLD 145 gi
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