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Ultimate Absolute 2018 (Replay)

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Ultimate Absolute 2018 (Replay)

Blue Corner in association with UNGD.tv presents a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Grappling Tournament Round Robin Challenge for Kids and Adults "Ultimate Absolute 2018" from Kansas City.  After the kids portion finishes, there will be a very unique opportunity for the adult competitors... only Absolute (Open Weight) Divisions will be held, round robin format, with each winner to receive a cash prize and/or championship belt.  Professional, paid Adult Divisions!  Then, at 7pm there will be a Professional Show with some of the area's and even the world's best grapplers and black belts showcased in a Super-Fight Card.  Watch your coach or favorite athlete compete on a big stage under the lights!  The Pro Show will be streamed LIVE on PPV worldwide with commentary right here on UNGD.tv   

Approximated Match Start Times:
7:00pm Billie Merreighn, Bloomington Team 1 vs. Paulie Hernandez, NLD 145 gi
7:06pm Trevor Cameron, Brazil Academy vs. Frankie Hoggard, Easton Castle Rock 170lbs gi

7:12pm Jordan Peitzman, No Coast BJJ vs. Justin Fabac, KCBJJ 170lbs nogi
7:19pm Jacob Akin, AJJ vs. Steven Graham, KCBJJ 150lbs nogi
7:27pm Abel Frederic Jr., Criqui BJJ vs. Brandon Cox, Easton Castle Rock 205 lbs gi
7:35pm Jose Urbina, KCBJJ vs. Jason Rios, Mat Club Jiu Jitsu 170lbs, nogi
7:43pm Josh Nelson, Axios Academy JJ vs. Taylor Kettler, KCBJJ 240lbs gi

7:51pm Isiah Wright, Easton Castle Rock Center vs. Vikenty Mikheev, CSC 185lbs nogi
7:59pm Shawn Cusolito, Criqui BJJ vs. Matthew Lowe, Fox Fitness BJJ 190lbs gi
8:07pm Khris Gonzalez, CXMMA vs. Isaac Doolittle, CSC 187lbs gi
8:15pm Morgan Bracken, Criqui BJJ vs. David Littlewood, Bodyfit 175lbs gi
8:23pm Cody Carrilo, Fox Fitness BJJ vs. David Lopez, Mat Club Jiu Jitsu 165lbs gi
8:32pm Josh Neer, Elite Edge MMA Ankeny vs. Devin Chasten, El Pirata 195lbs nogi

8:41pm Brad Jepsen, CSC vs. Derek Ruffin, Brazil Academy hvy gi
8:50pm Cody Criqui, Criqui BJJ vs. Todd Ryan, Ryan BJJ 185lbs gi
8:59pm Al Mildren, CSC vs. Josh Littleton, KCBJJ 170lbs gi
9:09pm CO-MAIN EVENT: John Hansen, Axios Academy JJ vs. Alex Huddleston, Easton Castle Rock hvy nogi
9:19pm MAIN EVENT: Luis Felipe Ninja Pinto, Brazil Academy vs. Renato Tavares, RT Association Vero Beach FL 154lbs gi
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